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Welcome to AnimalVetFinder


Welcome to Animal Vet Finder. We list a large number of vets in South Africa.

Like us that needs doctors to look after us when we are sick, veterinarian are there for animals when they are in need of medical assistance. Veterinarian have to inspect animals closely and have to look for clues such as how the animal is acting, walking and its behavior when the veterinarian is touching it because animals are not able to tell vets what is wrong with them.

Before vets subscribe any medicines for an animal, they do test such as x-rays, blood test and other test. Vets recommend that all owners should take their pets for regular checkups and also check their diets, teeth. Sometimes it is needed that a vet performs surgery on animals to fix broken bones, take out tumors, replace knees and hips.

Most common vets treat small animals such as cats, dogs, birds but  some vets which are called equine vets treat larger animals that can be found on farms like horses, sheep, cows. Most cases these vets needs to go out to the farms and treat the animals there. Their duties also include giving advice to farmers and help giving birth.

In most zoos and aquariums, they have their own vets to look after the animals. Vets are also used as animal inspectors that visit farms to make sure that the animals are in a healthy conditions and their living area is big enough for them. Vets can be found in different places, anything from animal hospitals and clinics to laboratories where they do research for new medicines. Lots of veterinarians who treats small animals such as dogs and cats have their own business. They work long hours and also on weekends because they have to be 24 hours available for emergencies.